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Join us for two special events, featuring your fellow alumni! Learn how to manage stress during challenging times, and recognize Mental Health Awareness Month with the power of poetry. 

Alumnus and Stress and Resiliency expert, Clark Souers ('94), joins the Seaver Speaker Series conversation to interview two fellow alumni with high profile and high performing careers. Souers, owner and founder of Expert Effect, will sit down with pastor, singer-songwriter, alumnus Montell Jordan ('20) and CEO of SPIN, formerly SPIN Magazine, Jimmy Hutcheson ('05) to discuss how they each respond to stressful times in their careers and personal lives. 

Join us for 3rd featuring Jordana Moore (’14), proud Seaver alumna and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Jordana is a trauma-informed therapist who helps adolescents and adults with trauma, depression, anxiety, and issues adjusting to major life transitions find healing. She is also a published author of poetry under the alias J. Marie. Jordana’s book, It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn, details her own journey of battling and overcoming different life experiences in an effort to inspire others to lean into their pain and not give up before seeing the fruit of maintaining hope. 
Dr. Khanh Bui, Pepperdine Professor of Psychology, will interview Jordana, making connections from her time at Pepperdine to her professional accomplishments and discussing the importance of focusing on our mental health and the role poetry continues to play in her life.

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