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We're thinking of you, Dennis

We're thinking of you, Dennis


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Dear Alumni, 

We want you to know we are thinking of you, and we miss you!

During this time, the alumni relations team is praying that you are finding grace amid your most challenging moments. We want you to know that being of service to you is our priority.  

While you are staying healthy at home, we hope you are finding creative and innovative ways to spend your time. As in person events are put on pause, our team is choosing to use this as an opportunity to engage more with our alumni online. We want to offer you more events that you can participate in from a distance, and keep you informed of Pepperdine's online resources that will be useful during this time. 

We want to hear from you:

Share your work from home tips , ideas for online events, or good news stories

Send a message of support to current students - https://bit.ly/3ay1Tgh

Send a message to the helpers - https://bit.ly/2w2Z9bT

Wave back, alumni.

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